Makeup Guide for Teenagers

Posted December 27, 2016 by Shanna

As parents we seems to question every decision we make in regards to our kids.  It starts the time they are born and continues well into the time they are adults.  One of the biggest ones in our household was makeup.  When to allow them to start wearing it and what was appropriate for the age.

As someone who has a slight obsession with makeup I loved that my girls were interested in it but it only takes a walk through a middle school to make you cringe.  A lot of girls do not let the natural beauty that is them shine through, instead they cover it with heavy layers of makeup that is not needed and not healthy for their skin.  When we decided to let our girls wear makeup it was a big deal and I made it a special day with them.  I took them out, explained what products they would use and why we were only allowing certain products.  We also went over skin care and why it was important to take care of their skin.

Preteen:  For our household we allowed light makeup in 6th grade which is the first year of middle school here.  The items that we allowed were a light coverage pressed powder foundation, a natural colored blush, brown/black mascara, and 2-3 natural (non-shimmer) eyeshadows.  My daughters were shown how to apply the products as well as how to remove them at the end of the day.


13-14 year olds:  As long as our girls followed our rules then we allowed them to expand their makeup a tad in 7th and 8th grade while still looking their age.  The most important aspect for us was that the makeup wasn’t overpowering their natural beauty.  Concealer was added but only to cover up the occasional blemish or dark circles under the eye.  An eyebrow pencil that matched their hair color was allowed as well as a pencil eyeliner in brown or soft black.  I wanted them to be able to express their self without losing who they were.


15-16 year olds:  This marked the beginning of high school…freshman year…yikes!    We tried to balance allowing them to feel like they fit in with their peers while still looking natural.  Foundation was allowed to be a bb cream, tinted moisturizer or cushion foundation.  Concealer was allowed to be used to cover any discoloration under the eyes as well as to brighten the area.  Bronzer in a light shade was allowed for subtle contouring and to add some warmth to the face.   Eyeshadow was expanded and more variety was allowed.  Eyeliner was allowed to be liquid or felt tip.  Mascara was changed to black and could volumize/lengthen eyelashes.  A setting spray was allowed to help their makeup last the day.


17-18 year olds:  Junior and senior year of high school is when you want them to start spreading their wings and learning to make decisions on their own.  For us this meant they could wear whatever makeup they wanted but they had to allow me to suggest products and a way to wear them before being given free reign.  My husband and I also had the right to veto anything we found inappropriate.  The only changes I suggested was learning how to do a basic, easy, every day makeup as well as something more glam for big events (homecoming, concerts, prom, etc.).  This meant learning your face shape, eye shape and what works for you.


I hope this helps you some and please keep in mind that this is just what worked for our daughters and our household.  I think there is something special about showing your daughters how to wear makeup to enhance the natural beauty that is already there instead of allowing them to make themselves look like someone else.


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