Mascara Wars

Posted September 22, 2017 by Shanna

When it comes to mascara I want it all!  I want length, volume, ease of application, long wearing, amazing looking lashes with little effort!  I mean is that too much for a girl to ask for!


Sometimes it is and then we’re left with a product we either tolerate (if we’re lucky) or hate.  Being the ever minded beauty influencers we are, we set out on a quest to purchase, try out and grade some of the more well-known or newer mascaras on the market.  We’ve done the hard part, now it’s up to you to decide which one you need in your life.



Carrie’s Mascara Report Card


Covergirl Total TeaseCovergirl Total Tease

Ease of application: Required continuous combing, separation and 2 solid coats. Had to clean up my lids a bit more.  There’s definitely a learning curve to the brush.  More effort to build, but easy to sweep back sweep my tips.

Does it do what it says: Super length that stays in place, volume and separation take more work, but it is doable.  It is buildable for volume but takes some effort.

How long does it wear: Wears all day long.  I even slept in it and they stayed pretty well.

How easy does it remove: I use Simple Micellar Face Wash Gel and it does wonders for getting 95% of my mascara off.

Side note: I will say this is the perfect layering mascara.  It’s cheap, yet effective at giving you the length that lasts.  Then you can layer with another mascara to build up the volume.


L’Oreal Butterfly Effect

Ease of application: Goes on so easy, separates lashes without difficulty and is very buildable.  Even though the applicator has larger bristles, I find that I don’t make a mess of my lids like I do with other mascaras.

Does it do what it says: It claims to get all lashes stretching from corner to corner.  You can use the tip to easily pull and manipulate inner and outer corners.

How long does it wear:  No issues with flaking or wearing off.  No change in lash height/length throughout the course of the day. I will say that as the tube gets dry, there is more of a tendency to flake, but that’s at least 6-8 weeks.

How easy does it remove: Same as Covergirl Total Tease.  With the right removal product, not an issue.



LANCÔME Monsieur Big MascaraLancome Monsieur Big

Ease of application: Bristles can get my lids a bit, but overall very easy to apply

Does it do what it says: Definitely lasts 24 hours without being a “waterproof” mascara, even through sleep.  I don’t know if I’d say 12x volume, but it definitely gives both volume and length.  


How long does it wear: I’d say this really does match it’s 24 hr claim.  I’ve applied at 6 am and on my super bad/lazy nights, it’s still going strong by the next morning.  I have lost a little volume because of sleeping, but I can’t complain.

How easy does it remove: Because it is a long wearing mascara, I find it’s just a tad more difficult to remove.  I don’t tug with wipes or a cloth, but I find I have more that stays under my eyes, so I need to use my micellar water and a Q-tip to get the remainder.



L’Oreal Telescopic L

This was another favorite of mine.  Very similar to the above mascaras, however, my only downside is that over the course of the day, my lashes started to weigh down a bit.  Also, after about an hour, the very tip of my lashes began to curl backward so my length was no longer maximized as with initial application.  Also, the applicator is very flimsy.  I think a little more firmness and it would make a huge difference.






Stila Huge LashStila Huge Extreme Lash

I wanted to love this one and almost got it at the beginning of the year. 

Pros: I liked how the formula felt and it did last all day

Cons: For being a self-proclaimed mascara addict, mascara was literally all over my eyes, a hot freaking mess!  Plus, I had a really hard time getting good separation of my lashes.  My lashes are naturally very fine, this may work better for a thicker lash.






Shanna’s Mascara Report Card


COVERGIRL Plumpify blastPRO MascaraCovergirl Plumpify blastPRO

Ease of application: I loved the brush for this one.  Because of how it is twisted I never had issues with clumping.  The product went on even, with just the right amount deposited.  

Does it do what it says: This plumped up my lashes giving them more volume.  It says that it’s supposed to give added lift but I didn’t see that happen with my lashes.  

How long does it wear: This was a good day wear time.  I’d say about 6-8 hours before it started to flake a tad.  

How easy does it remove: Removed very easily with a makeup wipe.  Didn’t leave behind any residue.  



Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

Revlon Mega Multiplier

Ease of application: This formula went on easily but was on the wetter side.  

Does it do what it says: This is supposed the use fibers to create a 360-degree tube that adds volume and length.  I found that I got good volume and okay length.  I didn’t notice the fibers add much to the overall effect.

How long does it wear: This one had the least amount of wear time for me.  The longest it would go was 6 hours and then it really started to look bad.

How easy does it remove: Removed very easily with a makeup wipe.  Didn’t leave behind any residue.  



Urban Decay TroublemakerUD Troublemaker Mascara

Ease of application: This went on very clumpy.  The brush didn’t do a good job of separating the lashes or distributing the product.    

Does it do what it says: This was supposed to give crazy volume, length, separate lashes and be sex proof!  I can tell you that the volume, length, and separation were NOT there for me.  

How long does it wear: I wish I could tell you that the wear time was great but after an hour my eyes were BURNING!  I’ve never had that happen with a mascara.  I could not take this off fast enough!

How easy does it remove: Removed very hard.  I had to really work at it to remove it from my lashes and found a residue the next day where it didn’t all get removed.


MegaSlim Skinny MascaraWet n Wild MegaSlim Skinny

Ease of application: This formula is amazing!  It looks like it has fibers in it.  The wand is perfection!  It’s teeny-tiny and perfect for the lower lash line or the harder to reach edges.

Does it do what it says: This says that it magnifies every lash and I believe it!  I got great length with this mascara.  Not as much volume as the others but still enough that this was a favorite.  

How long does it wear: This lasted all day on a long day.  I had no flakes, smudges, transfer or fading.  It still looked great after 14 hours.  

How easy does it remove: Removed the easiest of all the ones I tried.  



Essence Lash PrincessEssence Mascara Lash Princess

Ease of application: It went on easy and I didn’t have to work too much for it to look good.  A few clumps but I could easily work them out.

Does it do what it says: This says that it gives voluminous a false lash effect.  While it did give me some volume and look good I don’t think it holds up to look like false lashes.

How long does it wear: This lasted a normal 6-8 hour day.  There was a tiny bit of smudging after 6 hours.

How easy does it remove: This was horrible to remove.  It was like waterproof mascara, it just wouldn’t come off!  I had residue for two days after removing it.



Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Doll Lash Mascara & Extension KitPhysicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Doll Lash Mascara & Extension Kit

Ease of application: This formula is amazing!  The brush on the mascara is perfect for combing through and separating your lashes.  The fibers build up your lashes to look like you are wearing false lashes.  Not too wet with just the right amount of coverage.

Does it do what it says: YES!  So many people think I’m either wearing false lashes or got lash extensions when wearing this product.  

How long does it wear: I will get a full day from this product.  The longest I wore it was 12 hours and it still looked perfect.  The fibers didn’t break off and fall on my face or in my eyes.  

How easy does it remove: Removes easily.  I do need to use two makeup wipes but I think that is because it builds your lashes up so much!


PHEW!  That was a LOT of mascaras we put to the test!  Let us know in the comments below which one you are currently loving!


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