All Natural Deodorant (webisode recap)

Posted October 11, 2017 by Shanna

Deodorants are one of those products that most people don’t think about…unless the one you’re using isn’t working!  Then we tend to think about it a lot!  Thoughts like…do I smell…am I sweating…can people SEE me sweating?!?

All natural deodorants used to have a bad rap.  They either didn’t control odor, didn’t control sweating or in most cases didn’t control both!  When we decided to put these 4 all natural deodorants to the test I was, let’s say a tad hesitant.  My day consists of running around, meeting with people for work, keeping up with my home (I have four teenagers…you get the idea), working out and living in a climate that can’t decide if it’s still Summer or we’ve really moved on to Fall (come on Mother Nature…just pick one already!).  I NEED my deodorant to do what it’s supposed to do and I don’t want to have to think about it during the day!  As our testing went on I was very surprised at the outcome.  Below are the products we used, criteria we judged them by, and our thoughts on them.


  • Ease of Application
  • Scent
  • Wear Time
  • Performance (did it keep you dry/odor free)
  • Ease of Removal
  • Did it affect clothing

Kiss My Face Deodorant

Kiss My Face Quick Deodorant Spray in Sport

This is the only spray we used.  I actually prefer a spray deodorant so I was excited to try this one out.  For starters the spray was perfect, not too much came out and it was a decent mist.  It went on easily and while cold/wet at first, it went away after about 30 seconds.  The scent for me was okay, a tad too earthy but it wasn’t overpowering throughout my day.  Wear time was a good 8 hours of daily life for me.  I did not work out in this one but did put it to the test in my home doing the endless tasks around the house.  It kept me dry and no one complained I smelled.  There was no residue went I went to remove it and it left no marks on my clothing.

Bottom line: The $7 price tag wasn’t too terrible, it performed well and I’d use this again.


Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Natural Deodorant

Jody has used this brand for years but I had never tried it (yes, even being from Maine I still had not).  This is a stick form and the one I had was more of a solid gel consistency.  It went on easily and was not sticky.  I chose unscented and it truly had no scent.  Wear time was between 7-8 hours for me.  I noticed I was sweating a ta more by the end of the day.  For the most part, it did keep me dry and odor free.  I did some light yard work wearing this as well as my daily running around.  There was a little residue left over at the end of the day when I went to remove it but it removed easily.  I didn’t notice anything on my clothes.

Bottom line: This was the cheapest at just under $5.  It wore well and for a stick went on nice.  It was especially nice if you like an unscented deodorant.  I’ll finish the product and will try another one of theirs (thinking Fresh Apricot or Honeysuckle Rose).


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Rose & Vanilla

This was another stick but it was a traditional solid instead of a solid gel.  I did not care for how this went on.  It felt sticky and it balled up when I applied it.  The scent is wonderful in the container but as the day wore on it was overpowering and ended up giving me a headache.  It was almost like the more you wore it, the stronger the scent got.  By the end of the day, when my husband came home, he could smell it as soon as he walked in the room I was in.  Wear time and performance were not as good either.  Actually, for me (and Jody) it didn’t seem to control sweating at all.  Both of us used it on a day where we didn’t do as much.  As the day wore on, my armpits got more sticky.  By the end of the day, I couldn’t wait to take it off because of how it smelled and felt.  I didn’t notice it on my clothes (that surprised me).

Bottom line:  This $9 deodorant I went into thinking I’d love because of the sweet floral scent but for me, it was a no go.  I would like to try the Rose & Vanilla soap they have to see what that’s like.


Skin Food Listia Probiotic Organic Natural Deodorant

This one was different.  It wasn’t a solid or spray but more of a cream that you rubbed in.  Once you got past the idea of rubbing in your deodorant with your hand it’s amazing.  The application really was easy, even with rubbing it in and the scent was light, sweet and heavenly.  I wore this on my longest day and it lasted a solid 14 hours.  This kept me dry (even under our studio lights) and smelling great.  I was worried that with the shea butter and coconut oil that it would feel greasy but it absorbed into the skin and as I used this I swear it was moisturizing my armpits (BONUS).  Removal was easy because there seemed to be nothing there and it did not transfer any oil/residue to my clothing.

Bottom line: This $8 gem was my favorite.  I will be not only getting this again for me but will be switching my daughters over to this as well.  

Have you tried any natural deodorants and if so what were your experiences?  Either comment below or tag us in a post on Facebook #thelookofyoulive or Instagram #thelookofyoustyle.

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