Primed and Ready

Posted January 25, 2017 by Shanna

Primers hit the scene a decade ago, but only certain companies carried them, and they did little to nothing to enhance the look or longevity of your makeup.  Today, most brands offer a primer.  Some do specific things, while others are just an all-inclusive-type formula.  With so many to choose from now it’s easy to get overwhelmed, leaving you to throw your hands in the air while saying “Forget about it”.  Today, we’ll break down some of my top picks in primers, what they do, and why I love them.

Primers are just as they state: They prime the face for what you are about to apply, usually foundation.  These are applied after you’ve washed and moisturized your face, but before any makeup products.  They can tackle specific issues like redness, large pores, skin smoothness, oily skin, hydrating dry skin and enhancing the luminosity of your skin.  Some can be applied all over the face, while others are better if applied just to the areas that need it.

Makeup Forever Step 1 Smoothing Primer

This primer is wonderful for filling in large pores, fine lines and smoothing the over all texture of the skin.  It’s oil free and great on any skin type.

To apply, I take a small amount and gently rub in a downward motion while pressing it into the area you want to smooth.  This primer works great under foundation or on its own for an evened out appearance.




Makeup Forever Step 1 Redness Correcting Primer

Green has been used to neutralize redness for a while but we’ve typically seen it in a stick form.    While these might have worked okay, they tended to be thick and added a lot of product to the skin.  This formula is lightweight and covers the red amazingly.   This does have a hydrating quality to it so, those with extremely oily skin, will want to be careful using it.

To apply, I take a small amount and dab/pat it on the area that has redness.  Try to keep it concentrated on just the areas with redness, because it can give an ashen appearance when applied to non-red skin.


L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

This is a great drugstore option for those that are looking to minimize large pores, fill in fine lines, and even out the skin texture.  This product comes in Regular and Oil-Free, so no matter what skin type you have, there is a formula that will work.  An added benefit is that it contains an SPF to help protect your skin.

To apply, I use a small pea-sized amount and gently massage it into my face, lightly pressing it into the areas that have larger pores.  This will leave your skin feeling smooth and ready for foundation.




 Too Faced Hangover RX

If dry skin is your issue, then look no farther, because this primer is amazing. Not only does it make your foundation look great and last, but it hydrates your skin while doing so. Talk about a multi-tasker!  This primer is infused with coconut water to help soothe and hydrate your skin while leaving your skin looking dewy and healthy.

To apply I take a dime-sized amount and gently rub it into my face.  It will feel slightly tacky to the touch but, once your apply your foundation, you’ll never know it was there!




Becca Backlight Priming Filter

If your skin has lost some of its luminosity and appears dull, then this is the primer you’ll fall in love with!  This adds a gorgeous glow to the skin by using a blend of luminescent pearls that diffuse light to give the skin a smoother, more radiant appearance.  Women with oily skin might not like this primer, because it will make you shinier and give the appearance of more oily skin.

To apply, use a dime-sized amount and rub all over the face.  I allow this one to set for a few minutes before I go in with a foundation.  This is a great primer to be worn by itself on those days you don’t feel like a wearing makeup.  It will give you that glowing, lite-from-within look.



As you can see there are tons of options out there for primers.  So whether you are looking to smooth those fine lines, or have a more youthful radiant glow, these are a definite must-have to make your skin look amazing.  Wear them under your favorite foundation for a flawless finish or on their own, to enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

Let me know if you’ve tried a primer that you liked, or if you’re still in search of just the right one.

Next time we’re going sexy with a gorgeous Valentine’s makeup look that anyone can do!

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