Valentine’s Day Eye Look: Sassy

Posted February 8, 2017 by Shanna

Eyeshadow is by far my most favorite makeup to play with.  You can completely transform the way a face looks by just changing the eyeshadow you use and how you apply it.  This unfortunately is where most women stay within their comfort zone and refuse to experiment.  I’ve heard everything from — it’s too hard, I don’t have the talent, I only have drug store products, I don’t have the right products…and so many more.

Well ladies, today we are taking that step outside of your safe zone.  We are going to tackle not one but TWO eye looks that you can rock this Valentine’s Day!  To make this even sweeter I am using all items that can be found at the drug store!

The main palette I’ll be using is by Milani, their Plum Basics palette.  For a drug store palette, this is amazing.  Not only do you get a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, but the color pay off is off the charts!  I’ll list all the other products I used in both eye looks at the bottom of this post.

I’ve labeled each color with a number so that as I walk you through the steps you’ll know which color we are using.


This eye look is sassy and sultry, with a wild side of sparkle. If you’re ready to leave that comfort zone behind, then this is the look for you.  It will make your special someone sit up and take notice!

To start, I’ve done all my makeup except for my eyes.  Fair warning, the only con I saw to this palette was the darker shades liked to drop bits down onto my cheeks as I worked.  It might be easier to do your eyes first and then the rest of your face.



Using shade #6 in the palette and a flat shader brush, I apply the color all over my lid up to my crease (without going over my crease) and into a slight V on the outer part of my eye.  Again, I’m looking for that cat eye/almond shape.

I’m not too worried with blending my crease because we’ll take care of that in the next step.

The color didn’t pop enough for me so I added some of shade #4 on top of it to give it a deeper color, but this is optional.


Using shade #2 and a fluffy brush, I lightly buffed out the harsh line in my crease.  I was careful not to apply to much color, or take it too far up above my crease.

I still wanted the dramatic color from the first step showing, but with a softer edge in the crease.

I also used shade #1 on a small detail brush to highlight my brow bone.


Now this is where the fun begins!  Using a flat shader brush, pick up color #5 and spray the brush with setting spray once the eyeshadow is on the brush.  We want this color to POP!

Place the color in the center of the eye on just the lid.  To soften the edges on either side, I went back and forth with the brush I used to apply to dark color and the shimmer color.  Just pat the edges until it is blended and looks good.


Let’s line these eyes!  I used a liquid liner for this to create a wing.  If you are not comfortable with liquid, then a kohl liner would work.  Just make it thicker than in the other eye look and, using an angled brush, create a wing.

I took a waterproof black kohl eyeliner and lined my upper lash line, as well as placing a small amount on my lower lash line.  I didn’t bring the eyeliner on the lower lash line all the way in.  That would have closed my eyes and made them look small.  Instead, I brought it about 2/3 of the way in and kept it thin.


To finish this look, take shade #6 on a flat definer brush and smudge it into the lower last line.  I went heavier on the outer corner and lightened it up as I worked my way to the inner corner.

To really open the eyes and make this look come together, I used the same small detail brush from earlier with shade #2 and placed it on the inner corner of my eye and slightly on the inner part of my lower lash line.

The last thing to do is to apply some mascara to the upper and lower lashes, and this look is done!


This is perfect for a night out, or a special occasion.  The dark lid, with the pop of bright in the middle, gives a sultry, sexy look that will melt the heart of whomever you spend this Valentine’s with!  Let me know in the comments below if you’re more of a sweet or sassy kinda gal.

Glitter, Glam, & All Things Fab,

Products Used:
Fluffy Brush
Small Detail Brush
Smaller Crease Brush
Flat Shader Brush
Flat Definer Brush
Black Kohl Liner
Angled Brush
Liquid Liner