Dresses & Your Body Shape

She thought she couldn’t wear a dress

Posted May 2, 2018 by Jody

Beautifuls…You Can Totally Do This!

What is it about a dress that brings out strong opinions? We either enjoy wearing them or we don’t, there seems to be no grey area for this subject. What I have found in working with so many of you, is that the “don’t” side usually comes from a place of frustration. Not understanding how to dress your body shape in a dress. I got you! 

There are four main body shapes for a woman.

To uncover your shape grab a dress makers measuring tape.

Measure your: Bust, Waist and Hips. Wait before you close out this blog remember, you’ve got this!

Your shape is beautiful! 

Knowing how the architecture of your body is designed is the key to finding the perfect dress silhouette for YOU. 

Shape 1:

Your Bust, waist and hips are virtually the same size.

Best dress styles for Shape 1:

  • Wrap
  • Slip
  • Bodycon

Shape 2:

Your bust and hips are virtually the same size and your waist is smaller.

Best dress styles for Shape 2:

  • Sheath
  • Shift
  • Bodycon

Shape 3:

Your bust and hips are virtually the same size and your waist is larger.

Best dress styles for Shape 3:

  • Trapeze
  • Empire
  • Wrap / Faux wrap… Ruching

Shape 4:

Your bust and waist are smaller than your hips.

Best dress styles for Shape 4:

Fit and Flare
Shirt dress

If you are having a hard time finding a dress for your body shape or upcoming event I’m here to help. Contact me at jody@thelookofyou.com   I will be posting additional dresses for each shape in our #TLOYbff group.

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With Grace & Style,