Find that Cinderella shoe so it fits perfectly

Your foot shape is the key

Posted April 17, 2018 by Jody

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!

Beautifuls, YOUR body is an amazing piece of architecture. Every piece designed with a specific shape. This includes your feet.

Usually when we look at our bodies we think about the areas that we wish we could change; commonly our hips, bellies, or bottoms. Rarely do we think about our feet. And yet our feet have a specific shape to them. Knowing the shape of your foot is a game changer when buying shoes that you love to wear.

We have all been there at some point in our lives…we fell in love with the shoe and our feet hate us. All we can think about is sitting down or getting into our car so we can take those gorgeous shoes off our aching feet. Let’s get off this crazy train!


There are 3 common shapes of feet: Oval, Square & Round

Oval shaped feet pair best with a shoe that’s toe box is pointed or rounded in shape. A square shaped toe box is not the best shape as it leaves too much room and this can cause blistering.

Square feet are the most challenging to fit. The key is to look at the width of the shoes toe box. A rounded or square shaped toe box is the best. Pointed toed shoes rarely work as they can pinch the toes together causing much pain.

Rounded feet are the easiest and most balanced shaped foot. This shape can wear all three shapes of toe boxes. Although, the most comfortable is a round toe box.

Take a look at your feet. Trace them on a piece of paper to see their shape. Now your ready to have a Cinderella experience… shoes that fit perfectly.

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Tip: shop for shoes at the end of the day when your feet are tired. You will know immediately if the shoe your trying on is comfortable.

Beautifuls, If you are having a difficult time finding shoes I can help. Email me at There is no reason to have unhappy feet.

YOU are the only YOU. Every part of you unique and created without flaw.

With Grace & Style,