10 Trends to Embrace

Posted January 3, 2018 by Jody

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Happy 2018! As we enter a new year one of the biggest questions I’m asked is “What will the hottest trends be this year”.  

2018 will be one of mixed textures, patterns, and colors. Giving place to individuality and creativity.

10 Trends to Embrace


1- Pantone color of the year…Ultraviolet, a shade described as provocation and thoughtful. You will see varying shades of ultraviolet throughout every season, replacing the pink trend we have seen over the last several years. It leads the way for pastels to shine.


2- Move over graphic tees, wearable art is taking your place. This is such a fun and funky way to wear your favorite artist or art genre. In October, Louis Vuitton teamed up with Jeff Koons and released The Master’s collection. It was a foreshadowing of what was to come. You will see masterpieces on everything…clothing, shoes, and accessories.


3- Denim continues to be a go-to staple. Industrial and dark, distressed and light are both key looks. Dressed up or down it is a perfect way to mix things up.  


4- Print & Pattern mixing. Okay, who remembers the famous J. Crew mixed pattern tweed blazer of the nineties?!? This trend is back and better than ever. Embrace your inner 90’s chick she is going to be around for awhile.


5- Fringing. Whatever fringe is on instantly becomes sassy. This is not the fringe of the seventies or festivals. It is sophisticated and chic as in the 30’s. Think Gatsby!


6- Saturated Color. Summer will be filled with bright, bold colors that suit every skin tone. They are fun and demand attention. There is something about bright colors that bring out the happy in everything.


7- Sequins & Shine. Everywhere and on everything. You will see this trend on all of the others. It’s as if the world needs a little reminding that glitter and shine make everything better.


8- Plaid. Small and big patterned plaid. Not the traditional plaid of the past. It’s been made new again by color and texture mixing.


9- Sheer fabrics incorporated in sleeves, panels, cutouts, and pants ( Yes! Sheer pants with boy shorts underneath). Sheer fabrics go from elegant to streetwear in one move. They add an edge of risque’ without becoming too revealing.


10- Athleisure Glam. Athleisure is not going away it’s getting elevated to a new level. The tracksuit is back and being glammed up with fabrications of silk, cashmere, sequins, and lame’ You will see it’s influence on the Red Carpet.


Bonus… Plastic coats, shoes, handbags…plastic is incorporated into a fabric. Thank you, Chanel. No one does it better than Karl!!!

Beautifuls have fun in 2018! Life is too short to believe the lie “I can’t wear that trend.” Every age can embrace any trend. Shoes and handbags are the easiest and most wearable way to do so.

I would love to see your looks. Take a selfie and #tloystyle on IG or Facebook.

With Grace & Style – Jody