Closet Clean Up!

Posted February 21, 2018 by Jody


There is something about this time of year that leaves us feeling overwhelmed by our closet.

The weather is cold one day and warm the next. Winter clothes hang on like a bad cold and our hearts are ready for the new beginning spring brings. We are in transition and this is the perfect time to clean up our closets. Before we are tempted by every new spring and summer look, let’s take a practical (not sexy, I know, but you’ll thank me later) approach to readying ourselves for warmer days ahead.

Cleaning and Organizing your closet will take time. Make a plan and mark it on your calendar. If you have a day you can devote great but if your days are like mine break it up into segments over a week. Tackle your closet one day and your dresser another.

Make it an event and have fun! Put on your favorite music. Plan out your lunch break.

Organizing your closet is a form of self love. The ease of getting dressed once you know what you own and keeping only what you love will be a reward that leaves you feeling lighter and excited to answer the question “What am I going to wear today?” The goal is to make your closet a destination you enjoy going to daily, filled with clothes you feel good in and wear.

Step 1.

Questions to ask yourself:

When is the last time I wore this?
Does this item need repair?
Does this item need to go to the cleaners?
Is this item showing wear (faded, pilling, loss of shape)?
How does this item make me feel when I wear it? Fantastic/Good/OK (aka…better than nothing)?
Do I own the 7 key pieces that are a foundation to a capsule wardrobe?

Step 2.


Thin line hangers
Skirt hangers
Pant hangers
Bags (for items to donate or dispose of)

Start with shopping for any supplies needed. If you’re anything like me this takes 2 trips. First trip purchase what I know I need. Second trip is all about the practical items such as hangers and baskets that I need more of. Don’t forget pretty or inspirational accessories for the walls that make this space your own.

Step 3.

Sort into categories:


Make piles per category on your bed or floor. This will eliminate your room looking like a bomb went off and putting your closet back together easier. Only keep the items that are in good condition and make you feel confident.

Step 4.

The List:

Make a list of items that are missing or need replaced.
This step will set you up for future shopping success.

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Step 5.


With your closet bare do a little deep cleaning.
Vacuum & dust.
Consider painting if it’s been awhile (a light neutral color will make your clothes pop). Giving your eyes (even when they are half open) the ease of quickly finding the outfit you want to wear.

Step 6.

Closet set-up:

Then take a moment to think about how you use your closet. YOU are the only YOU!
Are you a righty or a lefty?
How tall are you?
Do you get dressed before or after your partner?
Take into consideration your life.

You are ready to create a closet you enjoy going to daily. Begin putting your clothes that made the cut back per category. Keeping the items you wear most frequently within arms reach. Consider including a section with outfits already put together.

There is something so satisfying when your closet is clean and organized.

Beautifuls, I want you to feel empowerment, confident and perfectly styled every day. It’s why TLOY was created. If the thought of cleaning, organizing and putting together outfits leaves you overwhelmed I got you! It’s a part of what I do for clients. Whether you live in the area or not I can help you. Don’t live another day struggling to answer this daily question, “What am I going to wear today?” Let’s chat, email me at

With Grace & Style,