Cover up this Winter with a new coat!

Posted January 17, 2018 by Jody

Hello Beautifuls! It is officially coat season!!

Personally, I love a good coat, it is the star of your look and pulls together any outfit. No really… any outfit. Running late getting the kids to school, still in your loungewear, no worries. Throw on a great coat and no one will notice. Need to run errands after working out, not a problem, your coat will pull the look together. Effortless dressing 101…you’re welcome! 🙂

Let’s get real for a moment, what we wear is what speaks who we are to the world. It is a fact that doesn’t change and making peace with this truth will bring a sense of ease to your daily dressing. During the cold or rainy seasons, our coats become the center of attention and wearing a coat that you feel good in makes all the difference.

Let’s look at a few styles that are worth investing in.



The Trench

Timeless. Seasonless. Essential. #tloybff ‘s know I talk about the Trench as an essential coat to have in your wardrobe. If you can only afford one coat this is the one to have. Why? It will take you through every season. This style brings instant balance to your frame and depending on the fabric you can even wear it as a dress. Say “Hello” to the unicorn of coats.


The Peacoat

Traditional. Classic. Preppy. This coat is a great addition to any wardrobe. It is a great length for any height. Easy to move in with clean lines that help create a lean silhouette.



The Puffer Coat

Sporty. Practical. comfortable. This is the warmest coat to own. If you live in a cold climate this coat is essential! The new fabrics that make it possible for warmth without bulk has made this coat easy and comfortable to wear. The old days of feeling like a marshmallow are over. Thank goodness!



The Full-Length Coat

Dressy. Elegant. Refined. This coat can be worn day or night. It is the dressiest of all of the coats mentioned. Wool is the most common fabrication although, cashmere is my recommendation. Save your pennies and invest in this coat last. When you buy a quality full-length coat you will own it for a lifetime. It is worth the wait! Why? Because a refined trench will work for dressier occasions until you can purchase a Full-Length coat.



The Vest

Technically it’s not a coat. Although, many women I work with are in the season of hot flashes. Oh my, being a girl has its challenges!!! Vest’s are fantastic, they keep your core warm and easily layer under all of the about mentioned coats. The only draw back is they will not hide your lounge wear. So rolling out of bed and running out the door looking pulled together isn’t going to happen. But, staying warm without sweat running down your neck will.


Investing in a good coat or two doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Ladies, remember consignment boutiques are a fantastic place to shop. Especially when they give back to a charity or local organization. If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area check out Clothes That Work. Not in this area, there are many other similar organizations throughout the US.

Take a selfie and #tloystyle I would love to see your coat style.

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