5 Tips for Transitional Dressing: Summer to Fall (webisode recap)

Posted September 30, 2017 by Jody

It’s that time of year… leaves are falling, pumpkin spice is everywhere and you’re in the mood to wear your fall favorites.

There’s only one problem the weather! In the morning it’s perfectly Fall in the afternoon it’s perfectly summer. Navigating the transitional season summer to fall is possible here are our 5 tips for successful transitional dressing.


Layering is your friend all year-long. This time of year it becomes your BFF!

Taking a great base outfit like, jeans and a top or a turtleneck and a skirt, on its own it’s great but by adding layers it becomes effortless dressing. Perfect for days when it’s 55 in the morning and 71 in the afternoon.


This is the time of year where your booties, shoeties, and boots shine. Even on a warm day you instantly create the feeling of fall with these on your feet. Cinderella move over!



Taking your summer favorites into fall extends the life of your wardrobe. Beyond layering the way to do this is paring summer colors with fall colors. I talked about the top 10 Pantone colors for fall in a resent TLOY live. Here are three are three of my summer favorites paired with three of my fall.



Building your wardrobe foundation first is key. If you don’t have the basics in your wardrobe you will feel as if you have “nothing to wear”. In the end you will shop more and feel frustrated daily. Together let’s end that and have effortless days! The foundation of every wardrobe consists of these pieces.


  • Coat – Trench with a zip out lining
  • Blazer
  • Dress trousers or skirt
  • Dress blouse
  • White or off-white button up
  • Jeans or casual trousers
  • White or off white t-shirt
  • Black or navy t-shirt
  • Black or navy lightweight v-neck sweater
  • Heels
  • Flats
  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Black or navy handbag
  • Black or navy clutch
  • Nude bra (matches your skin tone)
  • Nude panties (matches your skin tone)
  • Shaper or Control top pantyhose


The star of the show. Outerwear instantly elevates your look. You can have on jeans and a t-shirt but when you add a great outerwear piece the whole look becomes put together. It can change the mornings when you roll out of bed and run out the door. Outerwear isn’t just a coat or vest it also includes blazers. This time of year your outerwear wants to come out to play…let it!


You are the only You. Have fun. Let your style shine!


With Grace & Style,
XO Jody