YOU are the only YOU

Posted March 7, 2018 by Jody

Personal style is an act of self-definition that is driven by the human need to exercise and proclaim our sense of beauty and creativity. It happens when we say “No!” to the general culture’s message on what is or what is not beautiful.

YOU are the only YOU

Beautifuls, your closet is singing a beautiful song about you. The act of cleaning your closet out does so much more than organizing a piece of your life. It tells you about your style. It tells you about what colors you like. This brings a level of ease to clothes shopping. You may not be a shopper by nature even with this information, I get it. Not everyone finds joy in the hunt for that piece or outfit you have to have, if that is the case I am here to help you. Click HERE to find out how!

Let’s turn up the volume of the song your closet is singing about you. There are three main styles that run true no matter who you are.


Romantic: Feminine Vintage Vibe

  • Details: ruffles, lace, embroidery
  • Fabrics: Silk, chiffon, gauze
  • Patterns: Floral, damask, arabesque
  • Lines: Rounded and flowing
  • Icon: Keira Knightley and Reese Witherspoon


Classic: Preppy and Structured

  • Details: Pleats, Pockets, Collars
  • Fabrics: Cotton, cashmere, boucle
  • Patterns: Pinstriped, plaids, herringbone
  • Lines: Straight and refined
  • Icon: Princess Kate Middleton and Audrey Hepburn


Modern: Edgy and Artistic


  • Details: Pops of color or monochromatic black and grey, defined cuts & lines
  • Fabrics: Polyester, cotton, wool
  • Patterns: Geometric, artistic, bold or minimal
  • Lines: Obscure & uneven or straight & minimal
  • Icon: Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham


Most fall into one main category with bits of the other two in the mix of your wardrobe.

What did you find during your ‘Closet Clean Up’   

Your personality plays a defining role in your style. I recently asked our TLOYbff ‘s to describe themselves in 3 words or less in our facebook group.

My three words are, Joyful. Truthful. Loyal.

Look at the words you listed and think about your clothing. Do you see your personality?

Have you signed up to be a TLOYbff? Everyone needs a BFF that one person you can rely on for honest answers to those tricky fashion and beauty questions like

“Does my butt look big in these jeans”?
“Is this hem too short”?
“Does this color look good on me”?
“Where can I find…”?

We got you girl! What are you waiting for?

Curious about my style? I am a foundation of classic with modern and a little romantic.
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We would love to see your style!


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