The Power of Clothing

Did you really tell the story of who you are

Posted March 27, 2018 by Jody

Every day you will ask yourself
“What am I going to wear today”?

Own the power behind the message your clothes are speaking.

Hello Beautifuls!

Get ready here comes a truth bomb….

You are judging and being judged every day. WAIT!  Before you click close let me explain— whether you realize it or not, you make a decision about who a person is in 7 seconds or less. Others are doing the same with you. It’s hard wired into our DNA, at the beginning of time we were created with this ability to stay alive.

We consistently look for signs of connection. Clothing tells a story about us before we ever speak a word. It is one of the reasons what we wear is important to us. Even those of us who may think “It doesn’t matter. Take me as I am.” You are still creating the narrative of who you are through your appearance.

If you have been reading the blog or watching TLOY Live on Facebook, you may know what your body architecture is and the most flattering cuts to wear, along with what your personal style may be. If your new, Beautiful I got you! Sign up to become a #tloybff and request what you would like to know more about.

Let’s get back to that truth bomb! Your clothing will help you with what you want to achieve.

Let me explain.

What message do you want to speak?

Authority in a situation.

Choose clothing that has clean lines and deep colors.


Approachable and safe for others to feel comfortable opening up.

Choose clothing with soft fabrics and flowing lines in light feminine colors.


Light hearted and fun.

Choose clothing that has irregular lines and bright colors.


Elegant and Upstanding.

Choose clothing that has clean lines, well pressed, and monochromatic.


Clothes hold the power to tell the story of you. Your style. Your message. Your choice.

YOU are the only YOU

Beautifuls, if you need help creating the narrative you want to speak let’s talk. I can help you have effortless days telling the story of who you are before you ever speak a word.

With Grace & Style,